Whether quantitative or qualitative, Authentik’s consumer research starts with consumers—what they want you to know about your brand and how it fits into their lives. 

We then merge this information with what you want to know and the result is a well-rounded understanding of your consumer/brand relationships.

We use phenomenology because it’s the best method for truly understanding the perspective of someone different than us. 

We start with absolutely zero conceptions about your target market and instead let them tell us who they are and how they feel about your brand. 

We can quantify these consumer truths through surveys—everything from segmentation to max diff—or we can simply leverage qualitative data to create personas, shopping journeys or whatever you need to make easy, well-grounded decisions. 

We think it’s a more honest and authentic way of doing business—and we hope you do too.

authentik's core methodologies

System One Deep dive

In his book, Thinking Fast and Slow, Nobel Laurate Daniel Khanaman identifies two modes of thinking that people always rely on to make decisions: System One and System Two.

System One is fast thinking.
It requires little or no effort and operates through the automatic thoughts, memories and emotions that shape decision —everything from the choice end-of-life care services to deciding between French fries and tater tots.

,System Two is slow thinking.
System Two is laborious and consciously thoughtful. It’s the processes you rely on to solve a tough math problem, read a philosophy book—or understand the difference between System One and System Two thinking.

At Authentik, we combine System One and  System Two methodologies to give you the deeper “why” that drives your survey results. We combine qualitative insights with your key metrics to get a well-rounded and statistically robust understanding of your target market.

The benefit: Understand the emotions that drive your customer experiences metrics, identify the emotional benefits your brand delivers, and communicate with your target market on a more honest, relevant and resonant level.


Phenomenology is the study of how people interpret and experience the world around them. While most qualitative consumer research captures what companies want to know, phenomenology captures what companies want to know as well as what consumers want companies to know.

Phenomenology brings to life the everyday realities of your customers.
Phenomenology captures how customers perceive and move through the worlds they live in: how they live, what their daily experiences are, how they feel about these experiences, and (importantly) how they hope to feel.

Phenomenology shows how your products and services fit into their hopes and lives.
The difference between a phenomenological interview and standard interviews is that the interviews explore how the brand fits into their lives on a holistic and personal level.

The benefit: research findings that are free of marketing biases that can cloud marketers’ understanding of their target market.

Quantify and Validate system one and phenomenological results through Online Surveys

Used to be that qualitative research provided rich insights, and surveys provided statistical certainty. At Authetnik, we statistically validate the generalizability of qualitative insights the same way we validate your standard survey measures. In other words, we deliver the richness of qualitative research while giving the reliability of a well-designed survey. 

The benefit: A simpler, more intuitive and reliable decision-making process.

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